Another day another upgrade. Today I’m upgrading my second AD to lvl8, might pause for a while after upgrading 4 ADs to lvl8 because lvl9 is such a marginal increase.

The law of diminishing returns really hit hard here in this game. I hope they balance it properly afterwards. If it were up to me, these would be the stats for ADs:

Lvl7: 280 dps, 1110hp

Lvl8: 320 dps, 1170 hp – buffed to 350 dps, 1170 hp

Lvl9: 360 dps, 1230 hp – buffed to 420 dps, 1380 hp

In turn, all air troops for TH10 and TH11 would be buffed to match such stats. TH10 and TH11 dragons, baby, loons, hounds would be buffed so that they would not feel much difference compared to what they face now. Example for hounds:

Currently (lvl2-3-4): 6200-6700-7200hp

Buffed (lvl2-3-4): 6200-7400-9000hp

There would be minimal changes for hitting the same TH, but the main change would be that lower levels would never be able to touch higher levels and higher levels would be able to crush lower levels without any thought


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