Just showcasing a maxed base. Nothing much to see here.


As for lab:


Only 28 days left to maxed lab! I’m foreseeing that it will me much longer than this because an update will probably drop within these 4 weeks. Don’t care though, I’m happy with this progress 🙂

Defense log:


Man, I’m so happy that this pathetic TH9 failed on my base. A TH9 has nothing to do here in high Titans, this is a deserving loss for him. They should properly balance low level troops vs high level defenses though, a TH9 zapquake should not destroy maxed TH11 ADs is a prime example here. It should take at least lvl7 zap + lvl4 quake to take down TH11 ADs or new lvl8 zap + lvl2 EQ

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