Well, another day another upgrade. Today I’m starting my 1st tesla to max. So after my infernos, my teslas are the first to reach TH11 max. I’m really not too excited when upgrading defenses because they do basically nothing. I’m just ploughing along just doing the motions to getting maxed defenses. I know it will be slow and unrewarding.

Otherwise, everything is ok. DE and elixir overflowing, no surprises there



  1. Huge drop of motivation ( at least on my mini )
    I kind of assume I probably won’t play nearly as much in 18/24 months, when this account will get relevant. So I don’t really know if I cancel my upgrade to th10 and max my th9 for wars or if I keep going and either max 10 or rush 11 :/


    • It happens to anyone and everyone. That is up to you, you may find the motivation after upgrading TH. I know I lost motivation on my maxer account (SinMini) until I decided to rush to TH10 and TH11. I think chilling in TH10 may be a good place now, wars are getting better in the TH10 scene


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