Another day another upgrade. Just started another AD to lvl8 and that means I’ll be easy meat for those who use air. I don’t care though, I’d love the 16 hour shield because that means I am protected for most of the day. I also started Witches lvl3 in the lab so I can use bowitch afterwards and at least burn away some DE

I don’t get why people say the 4x star bonus event is “the best thing ever”. At most, you’ll be making an additional 1.2mil loot per day which is peanuts compared to whatever farming you can get. Even inefficient raiding, that’s only 2-3 additional raids per day. This event is a mere bonus, that’s all. It should only increase your total loot per day by less than 20%, otherwise you have more dire problems to worry about. Even inefficient farming here, I’m making >4mil gold per day and my star bonus is barely making increasing my efficacy by 25%.


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