Capped loot again right after upgrading a cannon to lvl9. The upgrade is way too cheap, but I want to have a builder in 3 days so I will just take the inability to farm. I’ll be busy for the next 2 days anyways so it will not be a problem. I’ve got another long weekend coming, from Fri to Sunday so I’m looking forward to going home 🙂


Here’s a topic that crops up from time to time:

I really don’t get it, what is the fuss here? It is SC’s job to ensure people progress and not allow them to stagnate at lower levels. Perma-maxing should be discouraged and people should start thinking about when to upgrade the TH instead of blindly maxing. Progression generates gems, stagnation does not. People should always feel the urge of getting stronger and I like how SC is finally starting to address this.

If you are close to maxing a TH level, it is fair for you to be matched up against people who are stronger so that you will want to join them. Instead, coc breeds people who want to stay at the top of their pre-defined hill and do not wish to proceed to the next challenge. A maxed TH9 is not maxed, its barely halfway done. Someone who finished 30/30 royals in TH9 has not maxed their royals, not even halfway done.

The only reason to max out any given TH level is to bully, I repeat, the only reason to max out any given TH level is to bully. Most games similar to CoC that I see actively discourages this by the community or the game itself. If MM is based on TH level only, then you will always be advantaged by doing this, so the developers have to balance it so that people will progress otherwise people will just stagnate. That is why maxers who suggest this sort of thing deserves no respect, because they demand the game to be changed so that they are advantaged.

A high TH x except the maxed TH (TH11 here) should always be matched against someone who is higher level so that they will always be humbled and know that they are nowhere near the top.

People in the thread lament that they playstyle is going extinct, and I think it should be. It is ineffective and inefficient. People should be taught to grow a brain and finally learn to upgrade smartly instead of blind maxing. People tell me that maxing is as bad as premmie rushing, I’d argue that it is worse than that. Players who premmie rush usually aren’t good to begin with, so they still achieve their potential by premmie rushing (we call this small for gestational age in obstetrics, meaning just small). A maxer generally knows more about the game but never reaches their full potential and instead stagnates at a much lower level (we call this growth retardation/restriction in obstetrics, because they never achieve their true potential).

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