Started another WT to lvl8. These are TH10 WT and I hope that they are good. They probably won’t impact much individually but hope they can stop some attacks afterwards

The current event sucks for TH10/11 especially in high leagues. Hogs, valks and golems are terribly underpowered compared to bowlers and it will make raiding pretty hard the next few days. And I will need to do 10-20 such raids in 4 days in each account to earn the gems which is absurd.

Hope I still have my sanity after finishing the event.


Defense log:


Why should I max out defenses? They do not benefit me at all currently as I do not really lose much loot. Even maxers can chant my mantra these days “it doesn’t matter how much I lose, I can recoup all losses within one raid”. So why focus on defenses when you already expect to lose a lot? You can’t really lose more than 450k as a TH11, so why be upset of losing loot with weak defenses?

Attack log:


Still using bowler healer and will change to the event govaho later on. Two quick raids in succession and I’m able to obtain 1 million gold, too bad the training time and DE cost is crazy

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