Ah, another 3 troops event, this time 3 completely useless troops for us high leveled players. Redditors can praise this event all they want, but the fact remains, forcing us to use 2 useless troops really isn’t the cup of tea for most TH11s residing in high leagues. Many simple opt out of the event without a blink of the eye, some of us would try our best to gain the additional gems. For me, I want the additional gems despite already having 5k because SC might drop new hero levels any time and I would want to max out my heroes asap if that happens.

Check out this forum post from wiser TH11s: Farming through events

This reply is golden, from fplant:

“I don’t participate in events unless it lines up with what I’m doing anyways. It’s just not worth it. Losing just one attack because you’re using some troop that doesn’t fit in your composition (or is useless at your TH level) costs more in resources from the bonus lost than the entire event is worth.

Edit: Even if you win all your attacks, just the loot lost due to using sub-optimal troops across multiple attacks likely costs much more than the few gems that you get.”

If your troops are weak and you’re still farming for heroes, then it is definitely not worth it to complete the event. The gems you gain is not worth it to sacrifice hero progress as the DE cost is still large. I hate that a triple troop event only offers a 50% cost reduction because it makes the entire point of the event worthless.

For me, I don’t need to farm anymore so there is no lost opportunity cost. The benefit here is getting the extra gems, I value these gems more than a few cups on my main and MiniSin so I’ll do the events on these two accounts without a thought. On SinMini though, it is pushing to legends and every raid has been pretty scary so far. I’m quite confident with my attacking skills so its been quite ok so far.

Here is how I’m doing the event.

Case #1: MiniSin, lvl1 golems, lvl1 valks and lvl1 hogs


Doing golems and valks first, sacrificing some healers and bowlers to achieve it.

Normal army: 24 bowlers, 6 healers, 6 wb, 7 giants. I trade the giants for golem in cc, 8 bowlers and 2 healers for another golem and 6 valks. So far, this is how I’m coping here:


Dropping cups to make the event easier for me, otherwise everything is going fine. I’ll do hogs later on with another army comp.

Case #2: SinMini, lvl4 golems, maxed valks, lvl6 hogs, pushing to legends


Using a similar army with my other account, just switching to more golems and cc bowlers instead. The other account has weak golems so I feel its better to bring a maxed golem in CC whereas this account has strong golems so bowlers in cc is adequate.


I’m actually doing really well in this account, I’m not sure why. A near fail but I was able to take out TH with half my army remaining so all is not lost. Currently a hair away from legends, I think I will skip the hogs event and just get 60 gems on this account.

Case #3: SinOfDusk, maxed golems, maxed valks, maxed hogs


This account is bold, very bold. Full event army + qw and only cc bowlers.


Ain’t too bad, but I can feel how weak my army is compared to the other accounts. Hogs are simply dead weight here and I cringe using this army. At least I only need to do 10 raids on this account compared to 20 raids on my other accounts. I missed quite a few three stars because the army is just too weak to do anything.

Case #4: hog raids

My mini will have golem and valks done but I need to do hogs as well.


Probably will do something like this and easily finish the event for the last 30 gems. More gems in the bank means more things I can upgrade with afterwards.



I think using 6-7 healers would be better while sacrificing a few more bowlers. This way, I can have a bowler walk on the opposite side of the base from my QW. So 7 healers, 13 bowlers would be good.


The events are actually very good things in the game, but the implementation is very weak. Instead of a simple 90% reduction in cost and bonus gems, they should’ve made these events a chance to test out troop changes. They should add like 30 hp to lvl6,7 hogs and see how it affects the meta in 3 days. Hogs will receive a 50% price cut and 50% reduction in training time to entice players to try out the troop. This allows quick beta testing and feedback of troop changes that can be made. These changes should only be confined to stat changes and allow sc to quickly test out troop buffs and nerfs before releasing them.

At its current state, events are just a waste of manpower and a shadow of its true glory

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