Finally, gotten the purple badge. Unlike most people, I tend to forget to take a pic on the badge changing screen. So yeah, here I am just showing my base with the purple badge. Pretty easy to attain since I’m a maxed TH11 so I could 2 to 3 star any enemy I meet and have a chance at defense.


I actually reached Legends by defense:


That +25 just shot me into legends last night. I’ve found this base to be quite weak but somehow it was good in one instance and it allowed me to get into legends.

Attack log:


Using the event army for pushing and I will probably stop using it soon.

I will most probably drop after the season ends in less than 2 days, because I do not like the clouds. Furthermore, I think a new update will drop in the next season and I will want to farm for the new update. Farming in high titans and legends is good if you are catching up to people who have maxed, because others will have overflowing loot so 700k+300k per raid can be good. However, once a new update drops and everyone is upgrading defenses, you’ll hardly find a 400k raid to hit and it is completely not worth it to farm in high leagues.

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