Today finally spent a significant amount on defense. Started another WT upgrade and now quickly farming back all the loot. An AD is due for tomorrow and I wish to upgrade another one. Not sure when to stop upgrading AD right now, lvl8 is plenty strong but being able to “max” it out sounds satisfying


Does anyone feel this thread to be very hypocritical?

People say low levels do not matter so much, so why fuss about strong troops in the cc. Then whenever we want a strong troop in TH10/11, its always the TH9s that complain the first. Whether they don’t get the new buffed up thing or that it will break the TH9 meta game.

Frankly, I don’t give any fucks about TH9 balance right now. TH9s shouldn’t be the benchmark and if they are trying to maintain its balance in the expense of TH10/11 then something is seriously messed up. TH10/11 lab troops all need a 10-20% boost per level, and I don’t care what TH9s think. They should learn to upgrade their TH to get strong stuff, and not hope SC drops things to lower levels. In fact, every single TH10/11 troop should be crazy strong in TH9 cc because when every single troop in OP, nothing is.

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