According to SC, BH7 is going to be released by tomorrow as of posting this. So by 27th Sept 2017, we’ll have BH7 and I’ll jump ahead of the crowd and post my own preliminary guide of this new BH.

I’ll give credit where credit is due and say that these patch notes have been the best I’ve seen so far in these 3 years of my CoC life and all information is posted there.

Have a look patch notes here

The most significant upgrade here in BH7 is the army camp and you’ll want to grab it ASAP. The earlier you get it, the stronger you’ll be. Looking at the trends of troops and patch notes, nothing will ever increase your trophies as much as this one single upgrade. So once the update comes live, it may be paramount to you

I’ll split the guide into multiple sections based on how you want to play the game.

Option 1: I will not rush to BH7.

Good, then you may want to take a look at my BH6 guide here


Option 2: Nah, I won’t bother min/maxing

I’ll probably fall somewhere between here and option 3. My reasoning is that I won’t fall too far behind if I don’t min/max and even those that min/max will lose to gemmers in the end. There will be no increase in loot cap, so I can drop to 3000 cups before I suffer any losses in loot. It might take longer to get the 3 wins/day but I probably won’t be impacted because of it. Another reason is because I don’t really take the BB very seriously

Its probably about the same as option 3 but more laid back and not as strict. If you are from the future, please find the proper BH7 guide that should have already been written.

First thing to do is to start your BH7 upgrade.

First priority upgrades:

  1. Elixir storage x1. You want to be able to afford the 5th army camp
  2. All new defenses, traps and walls
    • 2nd guard post, 2nd hidden tesla, 3rd air bomb, 4 new wall segments (20 pieces)
    • Skip the giant cannon for now
  3. 5th army camp
    • Then rearrange your base design to a new BH7 base
  4. Collectors

Second priority upgrades:

  1. After upgrading your collectors, you should have around 2mil enough for the new Giant cannon
  2. Star lab
    • Again, quite late to upgrade star lab compared to main base
  3. Barracks
  4. Catch up on new defenses
  5. Clock tower (optional, depending on your beliefs)
  6. Work on maxing your new defenses and traps

Third priority upgrades:

  1. Max out all defenses
  2. Max out Battle machine to lvl15

Lab upgrades:

Not known yet, but since it will take a few days before we can upgrade any new troop anyway, so it doesn’t really matter.

Once the update drops, I’ll do my homework looking at top player’s army camps and youtube reviews before finishing up this part of the guide.


Option 3: min/max route to get 5th army camp ASAP

This option is useless if you do not upgrade on the day of the update itself (around ~24 hours after the update drops) so stick to option 2 if you missed this window.

I think its better to refer to Baron Scarpia’s guide in reddit/forums:

Guide is here

BH7 – 1.8mil gold, 4 days

Elixir storage – 1.5mil gold, 0.5 days/12 hours

Army camp – 2.5mil elixir


Option 4: Gems

Either fully gemming or partially gemming. You can really shave off quite a few days to reach BH7 asap and get the new army camp. I estimate around 10-20

It is not worth gemming if you do not plan to gem all upgrades by 27-30th Sept 2017.


Option 5: Never lose passive loot

Basically, this follows the logic of: “If I do not max collectors asap, I will lose loot that I cannot obtain forever”. If you upgraded collectors in day 2 of BH7 instead of day 1, you will be losing out on ~12k gold, ~12k elixir that you will never get back. The rationale is that not having the 5th army camp won’t drop me below 3000, so I do not lose/gain loot either way.

First priority upgrades:

  1. Collectors
  2. Clock tower
  3. Elixir storage + army camp

The problem is, people can think this way in the builder base, but when I apply this exact same logic to the regular town hall, people cannot understand it at all.


Here’s one final look of my base before I move up to BH7. After the multi-mortar is done, I will finally max my defenses. I will have just enough time to get 1.8mil for the BH upgrade



    • Agreed, that guide was written right before Darian made that announcement. I have a draft for the full BH7 guide half written, I just need to experience BH7 proper before committing to the guide


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