Well, I was lucky and completed my final defense upgrade a few hours before the BH7 update hit. So I could immediately start the upgrade. I’m not too sure what to put in lab so just a jumble of giants, bombers and cannons for the next 3 days.

I’ve maxed defenses and lvl3-4 traps, lvl2-3 walls, lvl4 gem mine and lvl5 clock tower. I might work on these neglected structures earlier in BH7 because they aren’t really too bad to focus on early.

I’m not going to gem the completion and most probably won’t buy the gem pack for the giant cannon. I feel its not worth it.

For those a little more keen on the BH, do know that you can gem all the time in the BH and afford the new army camp + lvl4 giant cannon if you buy the two gem packs offered right now. The BH6 pack + BH7 pack will cost a total of USD$40. Or at least the BH7 pack, you can preemptively gem the BH right now then buy the BH7 pack, buy the new army camp and get a free giant cannon and have 1k+ gems left over. That is entirely your choice


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