Another 2 upgrades started

Started a lvl11 AT yesterday, at least catching up some of my point defenses. And started a WT to lvl8 today. WT still have a long way to go, they have so many levels in TH10-11 compared to AD and teslas. Too bad more levels =/= stronger. Usually SC adds levels to make the game longer and not really for balance itself.

If they wanted to balance and make WT stronger, the easier approach would be to increase the dps and hp directly.


Ugh, the “Earn 200 gems” event is terrible. 20 raids? 20 RAIDS?! And they only give us 3 days to complete it, what a bad move. Now all my accounts have to pump out ~20 raids per day just to complete this event

I really wouldn’t complain too much because that amount of raids isn’t a lot by my standards. The main problem is that 2 of my accounts have nothing to do at all, so doing 20 raids just for the event is a terrible deal. Worse still, there isn’t much for me to do with the gems I earn so I am seriously contemplating whether to complete this event or not. If it were over 7 days, it would be much more reasonable and I can slowly complete it. Right now, I really don’t know

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