Well, a few days after the last failed update, I’m now a BH7. If only the last update added new stuff for the TH (at least new walls?!), but nope. I hear maxers are still being shafted in clan war MM, so I don’t get what are they doing.

I have 4 attacks stored up, so that means I have at least 700k loot waiting for me. I have not attacked for almost 24 hours before my BH was completed due to capped loot. And wow, many of the raids I’m facing right now are against BH7s compared to almost 1.5 days ago. Well, its an uphill battle for the next 2.5 days or so as slowly wait for my army camp

Some people might be having an aneurysm for seeing me not upgrading my elixir storage/army camp yet. The thing is, if I worked on it immediately when I reached BH7, the elixir storage would have completed in the middle of the night. So I might as well start a few short lvl1,2 upgrades before starting my elixir storage. After that, I can start my army camp at 5-6am tomorrow and expect it to complete in around 2 days.


I decided not to buy the BH7 pack, here’s a forum post about the detailed analysis of the pack: here

Unfortunately, I wish it costed as much as Noc says


For me, that sort of money can be the cost of 4 blockbuster movies at prime seats or 2 imax movies. I can eat a whole week by myself or eat out and treat 3 friends in a restaurant. It can also pay 20% of my rent. That cost is just with one account, I am really unwilling to spend this sort of money on the side of the game that I do not really enjoy so I’m skipping the offer. If it were the TH, I might tie my belly a little and save for the packs, but I’m not as keen for the builder base.

For those who are interested in the offer, you can gem your BH immediately (prepare >1k gems and at least 500k elixir beforehand) and buy this pack. The additional gems and loot would allow you to buy and gem the new army camp immediately. This is the best deal in the whole game (even the TH10 inferno pack doesn’t come close) so if you have some disposable income, do support the game if you are ok with that.

These are the troop levels of my BB accounts: (all upgraded slightly differently for different playstyles but slowly converging at the end of BH6)


Do my readers want me to post the BB as a daily journal? I may have time to write these things now as I do not have any other account to write up on.




  1. This drag event was a little pain, been farming all this week end ( 2 barracks upgrading ) and I’m only going to finish it now..

    Regarding the BH, I just started playing it again after passive looting for the entire summer. Currently upgrading to BH7 and having lvl 12 minions & baby drags. Do you already know what troops are going to be strong in the upcoming weeks?
    Not sure if it would be pertinent to make a post about this base every day, it grows so slowly anyways


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