Wow, 3 days since the last upgrade. Funny thing is, I did 20 raids in these 3 days which more than usual even if I have upgrades to do because of this dumb event. Luckily I was able to get the 200 gems which I am not able to spend on anything meaningful. No point boosting, no point gemming resources or time.

Well, enough of the negativity. I simply upgraded a 1.5mil gold cannon today and grabbed the overflowing loot from my treasury and promptly capped out again.


Defense log:


Surprising, not much losses from people using dragons on me. I even got a defensive win from the ordeal. Sure, I lost DE quite a number of times but I frankly do not care. The 5.5k DE loss is because of my overflowing DE drills which I cannot empty out due to obvious reasons


There’s this dumb reply here by a player “It’s another arrow in my quiver.”

Let’s make it an analogy. You can bring as many arrow in your quiver as you like in an archery competition, but the score is based on how well you shoot 5 arrows, only 5. So a TH10 maxer can bring 20 arrows but a TH11 rusher/engineer brought only 5, but they both only can shoot 5 arrows.

The point is the make the most of your 5 arrows, not trying your best to work on 20 arrows just to shoot 5. And the time taken to make 5 of the best arrows is shorter than making 20 mediocre arrows. What’s the point of maxing TH10 lab when there are only 5-7 useful troops in TH11?

Furthermore, you’re wasting time upgrading your arrows when you can upgrade your bow (Warden) which improves all your arrows (troops). This applies not just to TH10 maxers but TH9 maxers as well. You don’t need to max every single troop in TH9 because more than half of them become useless. Instead, working on new TH10 offenses and troops would allow you to shoot ahead from your competition.

People understand this in the BB, but when they take a boat back home, they cannot apply any knowledge at all. What is the point of maxing BH6 lab when you can get a new army camp in BH7? The star lab somehow allows people to grow a brain and increase their logical thinking. In the main base or the BB, it is always better to be a 1-2 trick pony and secure the wins rather than a master of none.

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