Well, few days after BH7 and I already have my new army camp, new defenses down, new walls and new giant cannon. Builders working on elixir collector then I will upgrade the lab before upgrading gold collectors.

Base design courtesy of Noc, check out his blog here


Today was one of the best days of playing the BB for me. Most of you all will know by now but I love winning, especially at the expense of others. And that’s why I usually don’t like the BB because you can only get 50% win rate. Today was quite an exception because I was able to win 9 times on 3 accounts in 10 battles (90% win rate for today), mostly thanks to the new army camp


This account is the best, got 3 100% back to back, epic. I have no idea why bringing extra witches will result in a much easier 3 star, but it does occur.

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