Done with my consecutive 4 day upgrades, today I started my last WT upgrade to lvl8. After this I will need to upgrade all 5 WT twice to max them all out. I’m not too sure when I want to stop upgrading WT but I might max them all out

I have a one day break tomorrow and will have 3 consecutive upgrades again, really easy because its only defenses


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, a new update in coming to CoC. You can find the information in the forums and reddit. I just want to discuss about the leaked stats today

Leaked stats can be found: here

Man, that’s underwhelming to say the least. Golems gained another useless 300 hp which allows them to survive a whopping 1 additional second. Valks get 100 hp which is <10% boost again. The entire purpose of upgrading a troop to make it far stronger and in pace with current level defenses, it should also allow you to crush lower levels much more easily. Imo, if 48 miners or 30 valks cannot run over a TH10 with ease, that is broken game design.

If SC wanted to buff golems, then they should buff lvl6 to be usable and not give a useless level upgrade. With the new miners and healer, I thought SC learned a lesson and will give much stronger boosts to troops, but nope.

Golems hp should be: 5000-5500-6000-(lvl5)6800-(lvl6)7500-(lvl7)8400

Likewise, valks lvl6 stats should be 1350 hp at least and 170-180 dps.

If it is too strong in TH11, then buff TH11 defense. Each level should be vastly superior to the level before it. In fact, stats of troops should have a 50-100% improvement per level so that each level is distinct and will not have a ceiling. The current problem is that TH10 offense is too strong in relation to TH11 defenses and its far too easy for TH10 to get stars from TH11s. The main problem? The gap between TH10 and TH11 is far too small, if it was widened massively, then TH10 would have more room to grow instead of the current cramped space it has.

Another thing that occurs commonly occurs during update season is the amount of noobs crying that their TH level does not have any new content. Firstly, SC has wasted a ton of their time to introduce the builder base for low level players, you deserve nothing more. Furthermore, as a low level, you still have a ton of content left to play and upgrade. A TH9 has something called TH10 to look forward to, so why you do need new content? Low levels are completed and they deserve nothing more, even high level troops brought down to lower levels gets me shaking my head. Things like freeze lvl1, wizard lvl6 and TH10 collectors being brought down to TH9 is unwarranted.

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