The patch notes are out and I will review them below my journal

Started a cannon to lvl10 yesterday and my first WT to lvl9 today. Just some defenses upgrading and after taking out loot from my treasury, I can upgrade a tesla tomorrow (costs 8mil)

I think I’m hitting diminishing returns for my WT/teslas/AD now as I’m not protecting any better compared to after maxing infernos. To be fair, I’m not defending much worse compared to my maxed TH11 so that’s a plus. I might need to start upgrading all my AT and cannons to defend against all the QW that comes to visit my base.

I have also started clone spell lvl2 in my lab. I am still regularly receiving freeze spells from my other account so I do not need to upgrade it at all. But I cannot donate the clone spell so I will upgrade it first. Giants are still lvl6 and I use them every raid, I probably should’ve upgraded them before clone


Here are my troop levels:


Sneak peeks are done and here are the notable stats of valks and golems:

Valkyries – Can now be upgraded to level 6

  • Upgrade Cost: 150,000 Dark Elixir
  • Upgrade Time: 14 days
  • DPS: 163
  • HP: 1200
  • Training Cost: 220 Dark Elixir

Golems – Can now be upgraded to level 7

  • Upgrade Cost: 200,000 Dark Elixir
  • Upgrade Time: 14 days
  • DPS: 62
  • HP: 6900
  • Training Cost: 900 Dark Elixir

Ninja buff:

  • P.E.K.K.A. – Level 6 buff: +100 HP and +10 DPS

I will probably not touch anything else because I’m equivocal or happy with the changes.

Again, useless upgrade to these two dark troops because the additional dps/hp does not allow them to survive noticeably longer or hit harder.

Valks: 1300hp, 168 dps would have

I can see why they don’t want to mess with golem’s hp because it would bring back the 5-7 golem attacks we used to see when TH10 was the top TH, which was why SC brought about the 3x Eagle buff. Instead I would balance it by bringing golems back in line (~8000hp for lvl6) and buff eagle as well. Lvl5 golems probably will need a slight buff to 6500-6800 hp as well, but that might make the TH10 meta stale as 5-7 golems will dominate.

Eagle will deal 2x damage to golem (1800 dmg, which requires 5 hits to KO a golem). If there are 2 golems present, Eagle immediately wakes up regardless of other troops (instead of 180 troop space as usual) and targets golems. Every additional golem more than 2 will increase Eagle’s multiplier by 200%. So 3 golems, eagle deals 3600 dmg (4x); 4 golems, 5400 dmg (6x); 5 golems, 7200 dmg (8x); 6 golems, 9000 dmg. I also have other ideas for buffing Eagle overall because it is a little below the line

This will deal with the problem of golem spam as well as allow TH11 some modicum of strength to bully lower TH levels. Would like to see 7 golem spam completely decimate a maxed TH10 with ease

Why can’t SC do more mini-buffs like they did for pekka this time around? Golems didn’t need a new level for nothing, they could’ve just gotten +100hp per level for lvl6,7 leading to 6800 hp. However, pekkas would require an entire overhaul before they are usable right now

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