I don’t know about you all but I generally scroll through the update notes and see what others comment and reply on the threads. One thing that occurs in every single update is that will be an immeasurable amount of whiners, sometimes its a valid concern or complain. But there are two types of whiners that drive me nuts and I’ll be listing them below:

Yes, I’m whining about whiners.

  1. What about TH x?
    • Well, I don’t give any fucks about your TH level if you are not at endgame. You still have a ton of game to play through, tons to explore and experiment, so why do you want any additional content?
    • These people are forgetting that every maxed TH11 content is also their content if they grind and play the game enough. Why should lower levels receive any new stuff? Things like collectors going to TH9, wiz6 and freeze going to TH9 makes no sense in terms of game balance and economics. A lower level shouldn’t receive new stuff because it decreases the incentive to progress and thus results in less gems.
    • For every lower level player, the carrot should be on a stick and far away so that lower levels will chase the carrot. There should never be an instance where the stick is shortened or the carrot given free to lowbies.
  2. This will be strictly personal opinion. “Should I upgrade to the next TH level? I don’t want to be rushed when the new update adds stuff to my previous level.”
    • Specific example can be found here
    • Why the fuck is this even an argument? If you are TH11 and an update adds something to TH10, are you suddenly rushed beyond repair and impairs the way you play the game? No!
    • So what if an update adds new stuff to your previous level? Does it mean that you suddenly cannot build the new stuff because you are now higher level?
    • This sort of posts drives me mad because there is no logical flow in thoughts and shows minimal thinking was involved.
    • To be fair, these sort of people do not harm anyone unlike the former whiner. If people whine that there isn’t enough content for TH1-10, SC might just give them content and neglect us TH11s. Like how they conceived the builder base while neglecting the TH11s for so long

/rant over

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