Wow, the new update dropped. I wrote my journal early yesterday and the update dropped after I written it, so I didn’t bother to cover the new stuff. The graphics just got crisper and I feel that the base looks brighter. Overall, 6/10 for the entire update. The main thing I’m upset about is the valks 6 and golem 7 which added almost no stats. Oh well, SC being SC.

Started the 3rd tesla to max today. I will max out all my teslas in 28 days now and I will work on point defenses afterwards. I think all my other defenses seem well enough so I will work on points


And this update brought upon this event:


Wow, triple loot in the builder base. Is there any sort of event like this in the main base? Maybe half training time or hero regen time? Why only the BB :/

Well, for the BB lovers I am sure you are loving it. Be sure to enjoy it and I will just battle as much as I am happy with. Search around in the forums for an upgrade strategy guide for the next seven days because it will allow you to gain massive amount of loot in a short amount of time. With limited storage, you will overflow if you plan poorly. I myself wouldn’t care too much but I know the passion some players have.

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