This account is grinding away at Titans while my main account is in masters. Just got this today:


Another 1000 free gems, don’t know what am I going to spend it on :/ 7k can get me around 7 hero levels, but there are no hero levels for me to gem

Anyhow, this is what my base looks like


Started valks lvl6 today, probably not going to make much difference here. Otherwise I have started all 4 of the new upgrades and now working on walls.

Farming is very tough here and I’m not able to make as many raids as my main account. Even nexting for 10min cannot guarantee a good base to attack (>450/450k). Titans and legends are only good if you are catching up on content and there are no recent updates for TH11. Once that occurs, all TH11s will dump their loot into the new stuff and loot turns dry.

When there are no updates, my accounts can find 600-800k bases because people have nothing to spend their loot on. Right now, titans is as dry as a desert in terms of loot.


I’m barely earning any elixir right now because my army costs 300k elixir. The saying “loot bonus covers my costs” makes no sense because it means you’re still earning sub-optimal loot from poor bases. Whereas I can barch in crystal/master and still have the bonus cover my loot (my masters army is only 80k and the bonus is 100k for 50% destruction). In masters, I can still find very good bases as evidenced by my other post yesterday.

As a result, this is my wall progress:


Only 11 out of 25 done, pitiful. Whereas my main account is 19/25. I’m going to drop this account to masters after my main is done, barching on one account is extremely fun but multiple accounts makes it tedious

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