Maxed walls again! That was relatively quick, 25 walls in less than a week. I haven’t even got to the right gear of farming yet, that’s why SC should introduce all maxed walls because people who can farm have something to do.

Now going back to inactiveness on this account again as I fix my donation ratio, requested a ton of valks and bowlers during the past week so I need to return the favour now.


Maxed walls:


Attack log:


Few losses, but doesn’t matter too much

This is the power a TH11 should have, but should not require maxed heroes and all spells to do so:


A TH11 should only require 2 heroes (25 aq/bk + 10 warden), gibarch and 3 spells to 3 star any TH10 in existence. That is good balance because that’s the ease of TH9v8 or TH10v9 dips. Unfortunately, TH11 still requires a full army, maxed heroes and maxed spells to even hope to crush a TH10. That is indeed stupid

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