TH11 day 190

Can’t say that I’m not proud of my progress right now, in less than a year and a half, this is what my base looks like.


Full info of my base can be found in clashtrack

It sure is nice, looking at all my progress and knowing that I have always progressed. Many TH9s haven’t even reached TH10 by the time they played 17 months, and they can barely scratch a maxed TH11 base whereas I can have a good chance of destroying a maxed TH11.

Yet many of these maxers will then come to the forums saying that it is unfair that people can use less effort and win more in wars. Guess what? Its about upgrading smart more than upgrading hard. So what if you grinded all of TH1-9 if there is no results, does it make you entitled to perform better if you upgraded stupidly? As with all games, the smarter you play, the better the outcome will be. If maxing doesn’t give you the advantage you like, you have no right to complain that people are doing better than you.

Walls are a little slow compared to the other accounts:


This is mainly because I can only upgrade walls when I have a builder coming free. No hurry though, I still have a ton of other upgrades to do but I know I can finish these walls in less than 10 days now.

I upgraded a WT and an AT these past 2 days, going to be maxed soon!

Current troop levels:



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