My country actually does not celebrate Halloween and I really am not sure what the big deal is, but at least we got an event for the festivities 🙂 I’m not complaining

For the event, we get 2 new temporary troops and need 20 raids to complete the event. At least this time we have 6 days to complete the event, so it is far more reasonable than the dragon or witch event that we got previously which were only 3 days.

For the stats of these new troops, look at what darian posted in this link here

I’ll document what sort of armies I use and propose can be useful here. If these troops were implemented in the future, I think they would be good additions. I’ll give a quick overview on the 2 troops

Giant skeleton

HP comparable with golems and lower than giants, however they are immune to spring traps and splash damage. They also have a gimmick which makes them superior to golems in every single way, they explode after they die (again). This makes them really powerful in the interior parts of the base, a much stronger mini-golem

Look at their levels, I cannot understand why lvl5 (TH9) gains such a huge improvement (3k hp from 2.1k) when TH10 and TH11 gains around 500 hp only. However, 4k hp at TH11 is sufficient given that their gimmick requires them to die. At least they gain 500 hp per level compared to golems

Pumpkin barbarian

Just simple barbarians with additional hp. Unfortunately, the pumpkin only adds hp to barbarians instead of being a separate entity. Maybe it should be buffed so that the pumpkin has a separate hp bar. This makes it so that if the barb takes 200 dmg, only the pumpkin will break and the barb will survive. In this case, even a 10hp pumpkin will be very strong. Maybe make this a gimmick of lvl8 barbs in the future? So that we can roflstomp TH10s who do not have the Eagle to kill the helmed barbarians

But they are directly stronger than barbs in every single way, so during this event you will be foolish to use normal barbarians with these troops present.

Easiest way to complete the event:

Drop to silver, TH snipe and drop the necessary troops.

Completing the event by raiding:

  1. Barch
    • Screenshot_2017-10-28-16-52-35
    • Giant skeleton at each side, followed by some barbs then archers. This should be able to 50% easily at crystal and master
    • No replays here because I do not intend to use this army, loot overflowing and walls completed for me so I do not have any incentive to barch
  2. Mass miners
    • Screenshot_2017-10-28-15-12-24
    • Easy comp which two of my accounts are using
    • Just a simple funnel using the event troops then miners gut down the center, you may want to take out 2 miners for 5 wb so that the giant skeleton can go into the base
    • No heroes required, I generally don’t use all the spells
  3. Bowlers
    • Screenshot_2017-10-28-16-51-15
    • QW one side, event troops the other then bowlers in the center
    • Quite similar to a regular QW + bowlers if you are used to the attack
  4. Valks
    • Screenshot_2017-10-28-15-15-34
    • Again, quite similar to the attack comp above
    • Just different army according to different preferences, TH levels (I recommend this for TH10 instead of bowlers) and troop levels

I don’t have attack logs for these armies, I might take pictures of the armies I’m currently using and post them here. Hope this helps you in completing the event. Remember that you only need 3-4 raids per day to complete the event in time so take it easy and farm on!

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