Its back to boring farming now as I finished my walls and I just remembered that farming for defenses are extremely easy and I will more often than not overflow my loot. Seems like I’ll have to slow down my farming, oh well. At least I’m done with the event, now I can focus my time on studying for my exit exam.

Just upgraded my 3rd air defense to max level, it will only take another 24 days to max all my ADs and I hope they make some impact to my defense towards air. Air gets weak really quickly after TH9 because AD doesn’t gain too much strength compared to archer towers. Archer towers increase in amount and gain almost 80% dmg boost from TH9 to TH11 whereas ADs only increase by 33% which is minuscule. AD and air troops in general deserve a buff in TH10/11 so that lower levels cannot easily gain stars from us.


Defenses are doing well though, no problem defending loot even here in champs


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