Whelp, forgotten to post yesterday. My builders have done quite a few upgrades the past few days and I’m just summarising their progress. Its exam season right now and I’m 1 week away from full freedom. These journal posts might be delayed due to this

Last Thursday, my builder completed the final tesla, so now I have maxed teslas. I don’t feel any difference in them though :/ I started a cannon with that builder, its the golden one going to lvl11 right now.

Yesterday, 2 of my builders came free. One of them was working on the AD and I restarted him on the last AD. So now I’m 11 days away from having maxed air defenses. I hope that having all 4 ADs active will help in defending air. Looking at my other accounts, I don’t think so. The second builder was just used to upgrade my last archer tower to lvl10.

Today, another builder came free and I used the him to upgrade another archer tower to lvl11.

Currently going full steam ahead to work on point defenses, hope that my base can defend at all after it.


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