Time machine here. I actually took these pictures 2 days ago and only realised I haven’t posted it today.

Here’s how my BH7 base looks like 2 days ago:


Since then, I have started and completed another archer tower to lvl7. I still have a ton of defensive upgrades left and will continue upgrading all of them.

I currently have lvl14 barbs, minions and witches with archers going to 14 as we speak. I might work on drop ships next as all my key troops are done upgrading for now.

And my greatest achievement yet:


Whoo! Top 50 in my local leaderboard!

Since then I dropped 200 cups and now barely top 300 😦 Well, the BB is made this way. You win some, you lose some. Sometimes they become winning streaks and sometimes you get losing streaks

At least I’m still way above 4k and can gain max loot comfortably every day

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