Capped loot again 😦 Man, even when I’m busy I’m able to keep all builders running and overflow loot easily. Gold is just way too easy to farm compared to the other resources, anything you do can earn gold in coc.

Upgraded an AT to lvl12 yesterday and started a cannon to lvl11 today. This probably explains why I can cap loot so easily with them costing so cheap.


Overview of all my upgrades:


My finals will end in 2 days time so I’m free after that 🙂 Might post even less in the week following the finals because I’ll be out travelling for 4 days next week.


  1. Hi Sin, I’m a linked friend of SinMini (Rodney) in Clash. I’m sorry to hear that the Czars in the Clash forums gave you the boot, for not agreeing with them. Looks like they have wiped you entirely from there now. I still have Rodney at TH10 and it was always a maxed account, but at this point I’m just doing walls and heroes (atm 30-32) with it until the heroes are maxed to 40, then it’s off to th11. ( I am also thinking about just going to th11 on this account, since there is a such a big advantage offensively, but you need strong heroes at th11.)

    I also have a TH9 account (Ser Rated), which started off by using your guides until I was at TH9. I got there in 4 months, but then I was just fed up with the constant harassing attacks. The only part I hated about really low defences, when you are offline for a only a minute without a shield and you are immediately attacked. I started levelling up the defences so they are th9 and th8 for a bunch, until I got a little breathing room. The def seems good enough as is, so my goal is all lego walls and maybe 30-30 heroes, (at 15-15 now), I am looking at going to th10 when my heroes are at least 20-25 and I have at least lego walls. I am now in a Clan that is big on engineering (got tired of losing at war, lol) and both my guys are really heavy defences compared to their engineered accounts, but it does help in war. My armies are mostly done, just doing heroes and walls for both accounts now.


    • You actually can just jump to TH11. Remember that 20/20/20 is much stronger than 40/40/0 and one of them is much easier to get.

      Just jump to TH10 on your other account, you could’ve survived more attacks that way even with TH6 defenses. Infernos + TH6 defenses > maxed TH9 defenses. But if you are engineering, then infernos are a bad idea.


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