4 days since my last post, be assured that I’m not dead yet. My exams just finished and I was busy packing and playing with my friends 🙂 I’ll be absent again next week from 21-24th Nov as I’ll be travelling

My usual tracker coc.jmjeong.com is down 😦 I’ll need a replacement tracker for now I guess. And because of that, I cannot quite remember what upgrades I’ve started and when they were started

Just look at the picture below and see the point defenses that I’m upgrading. Seems like I have upgraded an archer tower to lvl12 today, an AT to lvl11 some days ago. I also started valks lvl4 in the lab 2 days ago, I will probably bring valks all the way to lvl6 just to use them for fun sometimes.


There’s another event going on right now:


At least now its more reasonable and you only need to do 15 raids in 3 days. I’d still prefer 20 raids in 5 days but oh well. I’ll take it, and this time I’m more free (after exams, yay) to complete the event.

Here’s my attack log:


Does anyone feel that the event feature is really wasted? They could do periodical buffs to troops and see their usage and strength. This would allow players to become the beta testers for their troops and ideas. Right now, these events are just random things done for fun so that we players can get some gems. Wasted

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