Finally back from travelling and only lost like 1-2 hours of builder time because I forgotten to start a builder on time and upgraded a cannon by 1-2 hours late.

Started 3 different upgrades over these last 5 days. I was back yesterday from my travel and started an Archer Tower to lvl11 today. I also started a cannon to lvl12 and another Archer Tower to lvl11 during my travels.

Despite going to travel and spending most of my time having fun, I was still able to keep my builders busy, farm up to capped loot and do all my BB attacks over all 3 accounts.

Hmm, that last paragraph somehow implies that coc is not that fun and I guess that is kinda true now that I have completed most of my stuff in the game.


So here’s a summary of what my builders are upgrading right now


Now there’s this event that I’m trying to complete. I am a little late on the announcement of this but this event is great. 4 days to do 10-30 raids and a reward of 200 gems


I decided to split this event into 2 parts for my mini account here. The army I’m using is as follows:


GoWi for first 10 raids then pekkas for the last 10 raids. I have 4 days and this makes the event very trivial. The hard part of this event is actually preventing myself from overflowing in loot, which has happened


For my other accounts with leveled up pekkas and golems, this is what I’m doing. Gowipe with some QW support and bowlers to clear out the base. I can say with full confidence that this army is crap and much weaker compared to a full army of bowlers. Wizards and pekkas really need the loon/valk treatment so that they attack immediately, otherwise they attack too slow and/or their targets are destroyed by bowlers before they start attacking.

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