Just a small look at my BB right now. All my 3 accounts look quite similar so no update needed. I’m working on Dropships on this account, they are currently lvl6 and upgrading to lvl7

More than half of my defenses are now lvl7. I’m still short of 3 firecrackers, 2 double cannons and lvl5 giant cannon. All those will take around 13.5mil when including traps, which is around 20 days of loot. Not too bad and I will be able to start working on walls + BM afterwards. I do foresee that SC will introduce BH8 soon and I will be rushing there again.

For troops, I have lvl14 barbs, arch, minions, NW and working on drop ships. BM is lvl11 right now with not much plans to upgrade him further. My 2nd account (SinMini) is currently working on BM and he’s lvl14 right now, with 3 maxed troops (barbs, NW and minions) with 2 lvl13 troops (baby drag and giants)


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