Farmed a ton of loot today after draining all my gold into two cheaper upgrades. I’m slowly pushing to Titans to see whatever “good” loot people claim. With dead heroes every raid, there is no way you can farm faster in Titans than in Masters.

Anyhow, I started the upgrade of a cannon to lvl11 and another AT to lvl12 today. Point defenses upgrading and hope it helps with my defense.

I just got 100% by a miner spam yesterday and I am thinking to upgrade bomb towers and giant bombs now so that at least I can stop these attacks.


A small look at my builder base for this account:


Defenses going very well and even if BH8 is introduced, I would not be considered rushed. This account has 1 tesla, 1 cannon, 2 crushers and 3 firecrackers to go.

Troops look like this:


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