Nearly overflowing again. Its easy to do 3-4 raids per day and do cheap defenses every day. Hope I would still have as much time as now when I begin to do those wretched AT and cannon lvl14/15, those are the most expensive defenses in the game.

Upgraded a bomb tower to lvl3 yesterday, good thing it only has 6 levels so I’m around halfway done with them. Today, I started a lvl11 cannon. It is my 2nd last cannon that is upgrading to lvl11 right now.


And wow, the maxing cult in reddit is really strong. Seems like rushing is not a valid strategy over there, its sad. People over there also mostly think that warring is the only reason to play to game, then proceed to whine and bitchfest all about engineering.

The only reason to max out is to get an advantage. If not, nobody would do the grind because it is pointless. The sad thing? People know that it does not provide any advantage, yet still champion it and think that the game should be changed to suit maxer needs. Fools and scrubs


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