Well, we have this event right now and I’m going to show you guys that armies I’m using for the event. Its just 10 battles for 100 gems, sounds very easy enough. Again, I felt that the system should be improved. Instead of flat 10 battles for 100 gems, the rewards should be in steps. There should be 3 stars in this event, 3 raids for 25 gems, 10 raids for 100 gems and 20 raids for 250 gems. This would cater to both the casual and hardcore players as well as give incentive to use the troops.


Anyhow, these are the

1. 2 golem, mass bowlers


Alternatively: (1 golem instead)


Recommend high level golems and maxed heroes (so that you don’t waste precious DE)

Fairly strong army, it will allow you to easily stay in champs and titans. QW one side of the base, golem + bowler + healer on the other side. Then funnel the 2nd golem, all your other bowlers and BK+GW down the centre. Should be an easy 2-3 stars on most bases.

Attack logs – coming soon!

Will try out other golem based armies as a TH11.

If you are still farming in lower leagues, then golems + barch would do perfectly fine. Do note that because you are using golems, your percentage will drop and it will be much harder to get 1 star on dead bases

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