Last updated: 23 Sept 2019

After such a quick BH1-6, BH7 will seem like a slog because you have so much to upgrade. It is a good time now to work on some upgrades

BH7 is a offense-oriented level and hence defense actually matters some-what because you need to stop people from 3 starring you before you can get your wins. Don’t fret however, if you lose too much, you will face easy BH6s can crush them for easy 3 stars as well.

You may notice that your enemies like to use witches. Don’t waste your time trying to upgrade these troops. While they may seem really strong at this level, they become useless very quickly when you go to BH8-9.

The first order of business is to get the new army camp then lvl14 barbs. Before those upgrades are done, you are not even considered a BH7. There is something that would help you though, which is the BH7 starter pack which gives you 2mil elixir as well as a lvl4 giant cannon. If you are reading this guide and still haven’t reached this point of the game, I highly recommend buying it so that you get a huge boost in trophies. I’ll split the guide into two portions for the first priority upgrades. The guide will merge again during the second priority upgrade.

!!!Before buying the starter pack, make sure you have more than 500k elixir in your storage!!!

!!!Before buying the starter pack, make sure you have more than 500k elixir in your storage!!!

!!!Before buying the starter pack, make sure you have more than 500k elixir in your storage!!!

This is so important that I need to repeat it three times!

First priority upgrades (buying the starter pack):

  1. Build your new hidden tesla, firecracker and new walls, then spend all your gold on walls. Don’t upgrade these defenses yet. This will take less than an hour
  2. Buy the 5th army camp. This is why you need more than 500k, because you will need 2.5mil to buy this and the resource pack allows you to overflow in elixir to buy this easily.
    • This will take two days, just raid as if you are a BH6 for now, once this is done you will shoot up a few hundred cups easily. You cannot build/upgrade anything else while the army camp is building so be patient.
    • Once that is done, you should shoot up in cups so you can focus on passive income. With your rushed defenses, there is little point in “catching up” because it will take more time than it is worth to do so.
  3. Your new giant cannon is lvl4 since you bought it, don’t upgrade it further.
  4. Upgrade one of your elixir storage to lvl7. You need this to be able to afford barbarians.
  5. Upgrade both of your elixir collectors to lvl7
  6. Star lab to lvl7. You will need this to unlock lvl14 barbs, get them asap
  7. While farming the necessary elixir for barbs, upgrade clock tower to lvl7
  8. 2nd elixir storage to max, skip gold storage first and get lvl14 barbs
  9. Lvl14 barbarians. This upgrade gives you a total of 100 barbarians that you can bring into your raids. This is a powerful upgrade which will propel you another hundred trophies or so. Now that most of your enemies have this upgrade, you may need to upgrade some defenses to help you out. Doing the calculations, upgrading some defenses would help you more than going to BH8 immediately.

First priority upgrades (f2p):

  1. Build your new firecrackers and hidden tesla, this will take less than an hour.
  2. Upgrade one of your elixir storage. You need to have one lvl7 and one lvl6 storage to have enough capacity for the 5th army camp (2.5mil)
  3. Keep your loot attacks while upgrading the elixir storage (=do not attack while waiting), you should have 2mil because the BH took some time to upgrade. Once the elixir storage is done, do your raids until you have 2.5mil elixir.
  4. Army camp #5. Finally you can get this and you should be able to catch up
  5. Build your new giant cannon. It was nerfed hard since first introduced, now its just a pretty decoration in your base.
  6. Elixir collectors to lvl7. Nothing much you can spend now
  7. Star lab to lvl7. Get this and save up for barbs lvl14
  8. Upgrade your second elixir storage with your excess gold while saving up for barbs lvl14
  9. Upgrade clock tower to lvl4-6 while waiting for barbarians.
  10. Upgrade barbarians to lvl14

Second priority upgrades

  1. Once you get lvl14 barbs (or have them upgrading in the lab), max out gold storages to prepare for BH8.
  2. Upgrade gold mines to lvl7
  3. Upgrade your clock tower to lvl7 as you gain the gold.
  4. Upgrade all mega mines to lvl4 so that you can one shot enemy barbarians
  5. Spend some excess gold to upgrade any defense/trap which costs less than 3 hours. This will be a good balance between defense and time.
  6. If your battle machine is not lvl5 yet, upgrade him to lvl5.
  7. If your barracks are not level7 yet, upgrade it to lvl7.
  8. Excess elixir at this point will be spent in the lab to upgrade cannon carts. Optional troop here is to upgrade bombers to lvl10 as they can help barbarians greatly. If you choose to upgrade bombers, you will need to sacrifice cannon carts.
    • Both troops help barbarians, though bombers help a little more. Cannon carts are great because they are required for OTTO.
  9. Some excess elixir can be spent on gem mine, upgrade it to lvl4 which is a good balance between cost and effectiveness.
  10. By now, you should be more than ready for BH8, so upgrade your builder hall

Troop priority:

  1. Barbs lvl14. A must have, no questions asked. Even if you barbs are lvl4 right now, getting them to lvl14 is more beneficial than any other strategy
  2. (optional) Bombers lvl10. This allows you to break the funnels of most annoying BH7-8 bases
  3. Cannon carts as high level as you can without delaying BH8 too much.

Attack strategies:

Watch youtube for this.

  1. Bombardian
  2. Barbs + cannon carts

That’s it for my BH7 guide, I hope you guys like this. I know I am really late into the party, but I was just too busy/lazy to work on another guide like this. Below are the base designs I’ve used in BH7

Read my BH8 guide here



  1. Thanks for the guides, have been really helpful in working toward getting OTTO unlocked ASAP. Since I’ve unlocked lvl 13 barbs I am perpetually locked in the 2400 cup league. I three star about 3 out of 4 bases with bombarian (the best is when I 3 star BH6s with max walls lol), and get 3 starred about the same ratio – usually a combo of Giant/NW/Cannon Cart. I usually finish most battles with 10-20 barbs undeployed – the extra barbs at level 14 have barely made a difference to my trophies. Will be BH8 in another day so hopefully the MT and extra defenses will keep lifting me up further.

    I think the league loot could do with a boost at lower levels because it is really quite bad for levelling up. For instance lvl 2 roaster costs 960k with the 20% battle pass, which is 3 days of battle loot at 2400 (330k x 3). All the more reason to rush for the better collectors/new defenses because league loot is awful.


    • Yup, it should be rebalanced because it is really slow for lower levels. They balanced the prices around 3000 trophies because BH5-8 used to be able to reach 3000 when they were the maxed BH


  2. I got three starred 5 out of 7 times today and 4 in a row yesterday using the first base you posted. So I’m upgrading my builder hall 🙂. Maybe BH8 will be better


  3. Just got 3 starred 6 of 8 times today and 4 in a row yesterday. This is supposed to be happening? Nothing better than 100% draws :). Just finished this upgrade list and am upgrading to BH8.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yup, that is supposed to happen unfortunately. I always go for 98% so that you lose and get theoretically weaker enemies. Better than 100% draws and getting absolutely nothing. Unfortunately SC doesn’t know how to balance BH rewards, each leagues is only a tiny bit better than the league below so you can drop 400 trophies and still be fine in terms of loot


      • That’s pretty smart, I’ll start doing that. Sorry for commenting twice btw, I didn’t think the first one posted lol


      • No worries, hope you find that tip useful. Most importantly, max out your collectors because even as a near maxed BH9 in 5000, my collectors contribute about 40% to my total loot per day


  4. Hi Dusk I just upgraded to bh7 and have been struggling to get past 2200. I dont have the 5th army camp or the giant cannon yet so my trophy count should go up once I get those but I was wondering if I should really be higher given where I’m at. I’ve been using bombarian with barbs lvl 10, bombers lvl 5 and bm lvl 3.


    • Hard to tell “you’re good for your BH and strength” because everyone is different and you are pushed lower and lower due to higher BH levels. Just keep grinding and get your army camp/giant cannon, you’ll slowly get higher


  5. Hey Dusk! I have three accounts and started my third when I found your guide. My main account is a new BH 7 with all max BH 6 troops/lvl 10 BM/max BH6 defenses at 2500 trophies. I am using your BH guide to get to BH9, and I wanted to ask if Barbs should still be my go-to troop because all my other troops are upgraded. I love to use cannon cart/giant but it fails against many well designed bases. Also, should my steps change at all or should I still follow your guide exactly with my builder base situation? I have been at BH7 for a bit now. Max storages and almost max collectors. Thanks!!


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