Darian just posted in the forums and here’s what he said:

“Although majority of the Builder Base 8 content is already finished, we haven’t done final balancing on it and have no plans to release it this month or in Q1 of 2018. As I stated before, we’re focusing on the Main Village for a bit since it’s owed some much overdue love and attention.

The winter 2017 update is a pretty big doozy in terms of content, Clashmas stuff, and also a TON of rebalancing for TH10 and TH11. We don’t want to dilute how much attention we’re giving the Main Village by introducing new Builder Base content along with it.”

Source: BH8 update

A TON of rebalancing. That has certainly caught my eye and got me hyped up a little bit. I have not been hyped up for any update in 2017 (even the slow builder base reveal), but this has got me excited.

I do hope they take a leaf from my book and radically adjust the scaling of all troops and defenses in TH10 and TH11. The scaling is way off compared to TH9. In TH9, you gain almost 30-50% in stats for most troops, whereas TH10 troops barely gain 10% improvement and most TH11 troops gain <10% improvement. People are wondering why TH11 offense is so bad despite the warden, and this is the main answer, troop upgrades are meaningless.

There are SC mods in this thread: Ton of rebalancing who says that its an incentive to move the TH9 asses up to TH10 and beyond instead of stagnating in TH9. There are also players who suggest what I have been saying all along, things like buffing TH10 offense, buffing TH11 defense even more and buffing TH11 offense more than defense. At least while my presence is not in the forums, my ideas still persist and propagate.

I’ll wait and see what changes in the forums we will in the coming days. This might make or break me as I want to see what their rebalancing means. If it means closing the gap between TH10 and TH11 or something like giving TH10 a lvl5 warden, I think its time for me to leave the game

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