Base ready to do my 3 loot raids!

My base has traps and non-defense buildings maxed out now. The only things non-maxed are my crushers, giant cannon at lvl5 and one double cannon. I plan to upgrade that double cannon today.


And after checking my local rankings, I realised that I am at #46! Within top 50 in my local leaderboards, not bad! Not bad at all.


Done my 3 raids and now I’ve started my double cannon to max 🙂


As shown in the pic, only crushers, giant cannon and BM left! I’ve got 9 levels of BM to do after maxing my drop ships (currently going to lvl12)

And I got 3/6 (won 3 out of 6 matches), so my trophy maintained


Gained 3 spots though

And no, I won’t be competitive in the BB but will just track my rankings casually


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