This account is a little slower because I have busy builders and they were still working on defenses. I will dedicate one builder on AQ and try to keep the next 4 working on army camps. I might gem AQ on this account as well, we’ll see.

Nonetheless, I was able to farm up to capped loot easily (only farmed like 7mil/5mil). My next free builder will be another 2 days so I will just have to wait it out 😦

As expected, the inferno nerf hit this account the worst because its defense was the weakest and QW can now run all over the base without fear. Even TH10s can easily crush TH11 in the current climate, its such a joke. That’s why I said that it should be balanced so that higher level heals spell/healers are required to heal through infernos. Otherwise we’ll see more TH9s three-starring TH10s


Clan games are pretty fun right now but might turn into a chore in the future, only time will tell. So far, it feels like the neighbourhood derby from HayDay and I actually expected no less than that.

You can only earn 500 points in this clan games but the value might be adjusted in the future. This is a short Clan Games so there are only 4 tiers of rewards with some potions, no books yet though. The next CG (are we calling them CGs now?) will be during Xmas to new year so stay tuned to that.


MiniSin at 420 right now and I will complete my 500 tomorrow morning.


SinMini is at 500 already and has done the best for my clan.

If you are in a clan, make sure you help out your clan in getting the highest tier rewards. There is really no pressure to only do the highest scoring tasks because the 500 cap is very restrictive this time around. Choose tasks that you can complete with ease

So far, these tasks are best done in lower leagues because you can get the stars and destroy lab/Sf easily using your warden or a few barbs+arch. People in Legends are complaining that some things like clearing 4 bomb towers in 1 hour is impossible, but this particular task was my easiest 150 points because a lot of players in Masters have external bomb towers. Looks like SC is playing my game, they are incentivising people to stay low 🙂

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