Whoo, new update hype! I was so excite about the update that I did a 3 boost sessions back to back as soon as the update dropped. Used exclusively goblin knife and was able to upgrade AQ and 2 army camps right after the session.

Loot wasn’t too good after I woke up (the update dropped at 9pm for me so I slept afterwards), and I managed to farm a little more to upgrade BK. This picture below was taken in the morning right after I woke up and before I started my farming session today. Not much loot I have on hand here.

Right now, I only have like 6mil elixir and 80k DE after a whole day of farming. Loot wasn’t too good and I overextended and failed a few gob knife raids. Since knife is so expensive in elixir, I was not able to farm the 9mil that I thought I would. Now I am rectifying it and using barch instead, was able to easily get 1mil elixir in the past 40+min.


My progress:


Both heroes down, 2 army camps upgrading right now. Tomorrow I will be able to farm for my 3rd army camp, I also plan to farm 200k DE and gem AQ. Time to use the stockpiled 9k gems

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