There’s a new value pack on sale right now. I was so excited to buy it that I forgotten to turn off my night screen before taking the picture. There seems to be different packs for different people but I got the USD$5 pack. I had 7mil before sleeping yesterday and thought farming for another 2mil was a lost cause (loot sucks at night for me) so I decided to hit the hay.

I saw people are having the offer while scrolling the forums (yes, scrolling the forums right before I sleep), and immediately jumped back into the game and bought the offer.


Here’s the offer I bought (can be seen through my mini account), I didn’t buy it for any of my alts though


So with the additional 3.5mil at hand, I started the upgrade of my 3rd army camp. This means that I have 8 walls done, 3 army camps upgrading and BK,AQ both upgrading.

Here’s how I farm:


Not terribly efficient but decent nonetheless for my DE needs. Most of my raids look like these, an average of about 4k DE with a 85-90% success rate on all my hits, which is still too low btw.

With 3 army camps upgrading, this army is better than barch because I cannot spend the extra elixir anyway. I try my best to give shields for dead bases (>30% destruction) so that others don’t need to next past a wasted dead base. But if I see I live base, I try my best to hit for less than 30% so that no shield is awarded and another people can benefit from the base.

I farmed up another 90k DE since I bought my gem pack yesterday night, so I was able to do this:


AQ upgrading to lvl47! And right after doing so, I realised I made a grave mistake, a massive, facepalm, newbie mistake. Can you spot it before I reveal the answer below?


I forgotten to dump my gold into my walls! So now I have overflowing gold with no way to spend it!

Damn, just wasted and lost 8mil gold there because I forgotten to dump it. At least I’m fairly confident that I can finish walls before I finish heroes so not really a big loss. Its still quite painful though, seeing myself waste a ton of gold like that :/

Clan games news:


SinOfDusk doing his part in the event to score 500 points!

Early review from me is good (7-8/10). Neighbourhood Derby Clan games is a nice new addition to the game. The thing is, I’m worried about its future when the hype dies down and nobody wants to participate in CG anymore. We’ve seen the same happen to Derbies in HayDay and Clan Chests in Clash Royale that people just don’t participate after

The personal maximum score is a hassle and I think that should be removed. Instead, you can earn an extra set of rewards after hitting this milestone so that players can contribute extra. It makes sense that it requires a team effort and hence the cap, but it severely limits the more hardcore player. How about a compromise? You can only earn 5% of the maximum score alone (as in this case you can only earn 500 out of 10k), but you can spend 20-50 gems to double that. This would allow the more hardcore player to contribute more to the clan.

Also, the fact that you cannot go over the maximum clan score (10k in this case), because once you reach that score, nobody can take or do any more tasks; and that you need at least some points to earn the reward (you cannot earn the rewards if you score 0), makes it hard for all players to be able to participate. I think that you should still be able to do the tasks and earn some points so that you are eligible for the rewards. Otherwise, half the clan can finish the event and the other half cannot gain any rewards. Unless this is a system made by SC to force bigger clans to coordinate well to allow everyone to get rewards?

This is my early impression of the clan games so far. Another one is due next week and it is said to be bigger, longer and more rewarding. I’ll give a full impression by then and probably suggestions as well.

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