Just want to do a small showcase for this account, did my FWA war attacks today and got this unexpectedly. Almost 600 stars from FWA, seems like the quickest way for any high level player to get war stars. You can get an average of 5 stars every war in FWA, so you will complete it in 200 wars (400 days or so) which is actually quite fast in the grand scheme of things.




Almost 10k gems, and I didn’t buy the gem pack (there’s still the notification on the “shop” button). Since this account is not as hardcore, I will instead focus on AQ to max and sacrifice BK a little while. I will keep farming DE and gem AQ whenever I get to 200k. This is in contrast with main base where I will keep BK down as well, albeit I don’t gem BK as well.

Also, because of my poor planning, I had to start a lab upgrade for this account. With the inferno nerf, I chose to upgrade the heal spell as it is cheap as well. This is what caused this account to be slower than the main account who has no lab upgrades to do

After some farming, I managed the start my 2nd army camp to max:


So this account’s progress is 9 walls done, 2 camps and AQ upgrading. As expected, being in high leagues means that gold is easier to come by (I could’ve done 10-12 walls on main base though if not for busy builders), but elixir and DE both suffer as I struggle to farm. I’m in the midst of dropping this account and will farm more hardcore once I complete my main account.

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