Upgraded 2 walls today, so I have 19 left (36mil). A little mismanagement with loot again so I actually wasted another 4mil gold on this account 😦

Started my first army camp today, 3 more to go! I’m glad they maintained the +5 troop space for army camps as it gives us a bigger advantage against TH10s. To be frank, TH11 might need some buff to farming because we still cannot rely on a farming army to crush TH10s, only war armies can do that.

I also had my lab upgrade complete today, I started dragons in the lab because it only costed 3mil and will take 9 days, enough time for me to farm the necessary elixir for the other 3 army camps. I expect to start all my army camps in the next 6 days because that’s when I can get my free builders.


Surprisingly, I defended quite well the last 2 days. I think it is mostly attributable to dropping to low champs then subsequently Masters.


In higher Champs, everyone was using Queen Walk and it was terrible to defend. It is nearly impossible to stop a good QW prior to this update and now it is worse. There’s nothing wrong if a TH11 can QW me, but the sad thing is that even TH9s can QW me for an easy 1 star and probably 2 if they spam valks as well.

I do hope that QW is brought back in line with other opening strategies and not be the only strategy available.

(The main reason I’m salty though is mainly because I don’t have any farming accounts with a AQ awake, they are all upgrading to lvl50 right now)

Clan games!


So this is what the results screen looks like. I chose all the potions because the loot they offer is way too low. But it seems like Darian and crew are aware of this and will buff the loot rewards next time around.

Technically, potion of power is useless for me, but I’ll stockpile it for TH12 use. For the Tier 2 rewards, you can take the potion and sell it for 50 gems instead of taking the bad 20 gem reward. And as normal, the forums and reddit are erupting in outrage as engineers have another thing in our arsenal, the potion of power. This allows us to have underlevelled troops and still bring maxed troops into war.

Why do engineers benefit from any update? Because we are flexible and will upgrade accordingly, maxers are and will never be flexible. The inflexible dogma is why we can so easily exploit maxers.

Next clan games will start in 20 hours!

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