Now on to the main account


Finally I gemmed a builder and was able to dump all my gold and elixir into walls. Not going to start the 4th army camp anytime soon because I want to focus on heroes.

5/255 = 1.96% increase, whereas heroes gain 2-2.5% of their stats each level

Imo, army camps should’ve been much cheaper and accessible for a new TH11. Imagine being a new TH11 right now, the conflicting interest of warden and army camps make it hard to accumulate all the elixir necessary for their upgrades. I’m still thinking how to re-write my TH11 guide with the army camps in place. On one hand, warden is so helpful and a new TH11 will be unwilling to stop using him after stopping at lvl5, on the other hand, 20 army camp space is much stronger compared to the gains from lvl6-20 warden.


So all in all, done 3 army camps, AQ going to lvl48, BK going to lvl46 and 12 walls done

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  1. Let’s go for a short point on my advancement at th11
    CC and 1 army camp upgrading right now ( loved the winter offer :D)
    Maxed all the elix storages
    Max miners / loons. Doing heal 7 now
    King to 35 Queen to 43 Warden 9 atm ( trying to farm to keep him down )


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