Main account with no loot at all, what has happened?


What happened is that I started my AQ upgrade and remembered to dump all my loot into walls.


Currently, I have AQ going to lvl49. I plan to max her out and neglect BK for a bit. I will then use the super charged QW to wreck bases and farm DE for BK. My base is getting crushed too easily by QW, its sad that it is the only relevant strategy. Its sadder with my AQ down and scrubs using sub-50 AQ are using QW on me. It just means that they cannot farm quick enough using any decent strategy and resort to using QW to farm their DE

I’m still mostly salty because I cannot enjoy the QW though


15 walls done! Only 10 left which will cost only 40mil. I also have an army camp that needs upgrading, I will save up 9mil elixir as well while I farm the last 198k for AQ.

As of typing this post, I am 136k DE away from maxing AQ so I hope to complete it by tomorrow.

Attack logs:


Obviously one of the laloon raids failed and I just facepalmed and went back to goblins. Goblins are good when you are not tied down by elixir needs, if you still have a ton of walls to complete then they are absolute trash. But since walls are not my limiting factor, then I can use it to farm DE slightly faster than barch while throwing away elixir

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