Clan games are done and now its time to reap the rewards. I wonder what rewards are the best? It seems that it is up to the individual except a few rewards. The books are a definite pick and very worth it because they potentially can provide 1.8k gems worth of value.

Below are the rewards:


This is what I chose for SinMini:


Being a major contributor to the clan, we won all 6 tiers of rewards easily. I got 7.2k DE despite what is shown in the screen above, which is consistent with the tier 2 and 4 rewards (2.7+4.5k = 7.2k).

For the magical items, I chose training potion for boosting barracks though it might be useless afterwards. If I want to boost, I probably have to boost in the next 2 weeks to complete my BK grind. I also chose book of building which was used to complete an army camp and book of hero which is waiting to be used for AQ lvl50

As for main:


I was much lazier on main because I was lazy goblins are a little harder to do clan games with (actually easier than being in titans/legends). I chose DE as well for the BK grind ahead and chose the same items as SinMini.

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