Changed back to this base because people are milking me for easy loot, but seems like even this base can be easily milked. Oh well, at least it takes more than a few goblins to hit this base.


Loot is empty again so that can only mean one thing


And again! In my excitement, I forgotten to dump my loot into walls. Really, this is very annoying and happens once every 1-2 days.

I’m having none of it this time though and decide to cheat:


Used my book of buildings to complete an army camp so that I have a free builder to dump loot, finally. I figured that since I have no other building upgrades anyway, I might as well spend it on an army camp for this account.

Main account is keeping this book for TH12 or BH8 that will eventually come out and mini account will be keeping it for other TH11 stuff that might interest me since that account still has tons of TH11 stuff to upgrade. I’m still debating whether its worth it to keep the book for main account though, because TH12 and BH8 are very far away and we might get more books anyway.

So now in the end, I have AQ going to lvl49, 3 camps upgrading, 1 camp done, BK lvl45 and 21 new walls done (4 remaining). This update really has been fun for me 🙂



    • You can wait to claim the rewards in the clan games caravan for 7 days. But once you claim the rewards and they are in the clan castle, they will stay there forever until I sell them.

      Anyhow, I am actually thinking to use the book for one of my army camps because there will be more clan games later on for me to get the book again, I hope. Still debating it now

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