Took this pic to let the people in reddit know that I maxed my AQ. I should’ve posted this picture 2 days ago when I maxed my AQ, probably would’ve generated more bragging rights. It is still ridiculous that a TH9 with 30/30 gets more upvotes than my maxed AQ, pfft.

Here’s the reddit link: Reddit


Anyway, on to a peek at my base


In the end, I chose to use my book of buildings to complete army camps. Not using it and waiting for TH12 or BH8 is just a futile endeavor because there should be more clan games before then.

At least now I have a free builder so I can do more stuff, like this:


Walls done on main account!


Now I just need to grind BK to lvl50, currently going to lvl47. 3 army camps will be done in less than 10 days

And SC suddenly gave us a 1 gem army boost, this is going to cause much clouds and worsening loot for the next week, too bad 😦


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