Farmed really hard today, especially since I just maxed an AQ on my other account. Within 1.5 days, I have accumulated another 200k DE for this:


AQ going to lvl49, spent 820 gems and upgraded her again


3rd maxed AQ! I’m on fire man

I was actually 100k DE away from completing her when I started the day and originally planned to delay one day. But then I was raking in far more DE than I intended so I decided just to farm for the 200k and I just done it!

Afterwards, I upgraded 2 more walls so I’m left with 8 walls before I’m done with them as well. I started a mortar upgrade to lvl5 which will take 4 days


I may not be as excited as you expect for maxing my AQ, but it really is harder to express it in a blog post. My clanmates could probably see how excited I was 🙂

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