Completed a few more walls and now I am 5 walls away from max!

Started giants lvl7 in the lab, they are more useful now with the recent buff. I’ve been using giant skeletons for a while now and they are really fun to use. They take 30 seconds to train and have 20 housing space, by far the quickest troop to train. If you are using any sort of giant based army, you should definitely swap out all our giants for the skeletons.


BK upgrading to lvl46 as well on this account


Previously when I had all accounts working on AQ and their completion was at different days, it was really easy to keep up the momentum and motivation. Now with my heroes seemingly upgrading at the same time, it is harder to keep the momentum. Previously, when I started a hero on main, I can expect another upgrading coming the next day or so in another account, so I am always nearly due for an upgrade and feel hyped to keep farming.

The Xmas and new year parties that I have been attending have not helped either so there you go.

Happy new year everyone! Its an hour to new year for me right now 🙂

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