Capped gold again and the only thing preventing me from capping out elixir is the absurd cost of miners and heal spells.


BK finally going to lvl46. I have a ton of gems in this account but I am not sure if I want to spend them to speed up BK. It will most probably depend on my farming appetite. I figure if I can farm 200k before the 7 day timer is up, I will probably gem BK. So far I find that I am farming really slow on this account compared to main despite using the same army, so farming 200k on this will definitely be harder


I was actually should have been able to start this BK upgrade earlier but my lab came free 2 days ago and I needed to start an upgrade. With too little elixir to spend by the courtesy of miners, I was forced to upgrade earthquake in lab and burned a ton of DE.

Lesson? Be rushed and always have cheap upgrade options available. My mini had the lvl3 dragon upgrade available previously and didn’t need to worry about keeping lab busy along with army camps and hero upgrades. There are always perks to being rushed and remember that even a non-maxed lab can be really potent. Its not about maxing all your troops, its about maxing the 5 troops that matter



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