Happy new year everyone! Hope that 2018 brings us more joy and success. Clash seems to be going strong right now so I’m not too worried about the state of the game.

Welcome to 2018 and I will start out my 2018 with an accomplishment

Here’s the reason of the upload today:


The trifecta is complete:


This means that I have farmed almost 2mil DE in a mere 2 weeks to complete my heroes. I have farmed quite hard for this achievement, gemming only the timer so that I could farm even more DE. In total, I spent 6.1k DE on gems for my heroes.

Current HH: 18mil

Here’s my attack log for today right before I farmed enough to max BK


Yup, tons of milking and tons of decent big raids in between. I was farming wrong the last few days in Masters/Champs, the loot is all in crystal and I was able to farm 200k today for BK50 🙂

I even completed my heroes before my first army camp is complete:


Well, seems like I have started 2018 with a bang, hope for more to come 🙂

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